Welcome to Plasmacor © , we are presenting a better, faster, stronger and cheaper way to build structures.

Our product will revolutionize and reform the way traditional building products are used today, also enhance and advance existing methods.

Advantages Over Traditional Building Methods


Knowing about the needs of buildings, we wanted something better, so we came up with Plasmacor ©. An innovative product that has many advantages over traditional building materials.


We believe that a structure needs to be safe, and should withstand a number of disasters. Such as earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, including air quality, anti bacterial & more.


Speed is important for many reasons, which is achieved thru prefabrication. Benefits, e.g., in emergency deployments, instead of temporary shelters, or projects completed faster, thus available sooner.


Being economical brings many benefits, like low transportation costs, construction, maintenance & price, high energy efficiency, broad sustainability, and adaptable deployment.

Important Features of the Plasmacor © material

Application of the material are not limited to building construction.
Rapid Production

Due to the nature of prefabrication, all structures are lightweight, thus easy and fast assembled. Furthermore, manufacturing the material itself (Plasmacor ©), and prefab elements are much faster than traditional methods. This benefits many circumstances where time is an important factor.


Plasmacor © main benefit is its versatility, it can be adapted to the need of the application. I.e. make it very lightweight, floats in water, for docks etc., or for noise reduction, heavy duty for resistance, and other variations. Gaining different properties by using a variety of ready available raw materials, i.e. basalt, concrete, silicone, granite, fine sand, plastic & many more.

Composite Material

As a composite material, it can be adapted for any intended usage with a strong adhesion to different materials. Plasmacor © is part fiberglass, part Plant, combined with a raw material like concrete (or another), creates a shell and thus becomes a gravel like substance. Plasmacor © is a meta-material capable of using different raw resources.

Sustained Efficiency

Plasmacor © is a sustainable, and very efficient material. Sustainable because it uses fewer resources, and the plant based material makes up to 80% of the volume, and in total 60% is air. The plant, is corn, and as such a renewable material. The efficiency besides logistics, is very high heat and cold insulation, including noise.

Virtually Indestructible

Plasmacor © has all the benefits of a fiberglass based composite material, which is used in the Space, Aeronautics, and Naval industry. The benefits make it flame, water, chemical, and overall damage resistant. And, due to the engineering aspect of deflection it is earthquake, hurricane, flooding, and impact proof.

Cost Effective

The material Plasmacor © is compared to the high end industry standard of $300+ per square foot, due to the similar quality, but ours is over %70 less expensive, which is less than $90 per square foot depending application. It is a high quality product that also happens to be green.

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Features You’ll Love!

These features below are a small example of what Plasmacor © can do.

  1. 1
    High-Tech Product

    Plasmacor © is meant for the builders who are innovators and ready for the future.

  2. 2
    Renewable Resource

    Made with 90% plant materials, renewable, which are grown on fields everywhere in the world.

  3. 3
    Needs No Repairs

    The material will not “work/move” (Unlike Concrete) i.e. crack open and need repairs.

  4. 4
    Lasts Virtually Forever

    The finished products i.e. structures, by using our material, are manufactured to last forever.

  5. 5
    Water Resistant

    The finished product i.e. House, will be water resistant in case of flooding, to prevent damage

  6. 6
    Anti Bacterial

    The material has unfavorable conditions for any mold to form, it effectively prevents mold (mildew), bacteria, viruses.

  7. 7
    Save Structures

    The material is super strong, due to its high density, making it ideal against natural catastrophes of any kinds, including earthquakes due to its deflection attributes and hurricanes or tornadoes up to 160 miles per hour and more.

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High-tech product meant for the builders who want an innovative and superior product, manufactured to last forever and adaptable to any needs unlike any other. With lightweight prefabricated elements, assembly is done much faster as opposed to traditional methods, also by building everything on site, it requires even less transport of raw materials.


Our product is a fiberglass composite material combined with 90% plant matter, renewable, are grown on fields everywhere in the world. Low impact on the environment, including zero carbon footprint, and no need for water unlike concrete. Fiberglass is used in Marine, Aircraft & Space Industry for its qualities to be combined with other materials.


Extreme low maintenance, which brings numerous advantages, i.e. virtually no repairs needed, or renewed paint jobs. Due to attributes of the material it does not “work” like regular concrete, thus does not cause cracks which need constant repairs. The material do not deteriorate over time, and last much longer than traditional methods.


Our product prevents vermin, i.e. Rats, Cockroaches, even Ants, due to the supplement included in the materials, and its virtually airtight construction. It contributes to a healthier environment by preventing mildew, mold, bacteria and viruses. And, it keeps the indoor air healthy, further preventing i.e. pesticides from entering your home.


The versatility of efficiency for this material is unprecedented, i.e. it has very high hot and cold insulation properties, very high noise isolation. Furthermore, because of its attributes to trap heat or cold for long periods, it can be used to create thermal energy i.e. heating water by cycling thru a wall panel.


The material is so strong that the structures are considered emergency shelters, resistant against flooding, wind and hurricanes up to 160 miles/h. Furthermore, earthquake proof, due to the deflection properties, and very high fire resistance more than regular methods which is important in locations with high chances for fires to occur.