About Plasmacor – Our Statement

Matthias Burlet - Founder of Plasmacor

Matthias Burlet – Founder of Plasmacor

This is an invitation to join me on a journey in improving the environment. Plasmacor Corp. Chairman and Executive Manager Mathias Burlet, announces a technological development that has a positive impact on the American and world economies. In addition, it will reduce the serious threat of environmental damage worldwide.

There is a direct relationship between environmentally friendly processing techniques and cost savings. Several principals should be recognized to find these truths: (i) Nature can do it better than man, (ii) Nature has the ability to reverse damage caused man, (iii) Nature will always create balance when given the opportunity (iv) Subtle changes in nature create dramatic results.

Plasmacor Corp. is a construction material manufacturing company with a patented product that will revolutionize the building construction industry as we know it. Plasmacor Corp. is the exclusive worldwide manufacturer. Its products are protected by a licensing agreement with the inventor of this building construction material “Plasmacor” ™, Mr. Mathias Burlet.

Plasmacor Corp. is headed by Mr. Burlet. He has direct knowledge of the building industry and extensive research & development experience. Mr. Mathias has been associated with the Fiberglass industry for over forty years, and has overseen many developments in the aviation, marine, construction, and automotive manufacturing industries. There has been a great need for a new innovative product in the construction building industry for some time. This is what prompted him over the past 7 years to develop a building material which is based on a renewable resource and is 95% environmental friendly, heat/cold isolation efficient, has a quick construction process, is maintenance free (never fades/cracks/chips), water resistance, has a low cost of labor, cuts down on transportation of material to the building site, hurricane proof, can be manufactured in any variety of custom colors, can have genuine décor such as wood, granite, marble etc., is revolutionary and is very price competitive.

Our objective is to create quality buildings which are virtually maintenance free, our product withstands wear and tear, and destruction from natural catastrophes, this product unlike other building material offers a variety of décor which is exclusive to Plasmacor© and is competitive in pricing. We are continually improving our product to maintain the highest and best quality for our customers. Plasmacor has tomorrow’s vision today.

Plasmacor Corp. will be the only provider of this astonishing new breakthrough invention. We intend to accomplish this through a strict quality-control program, independent manufacturing, timely deliveries, a great amount of diversity for customized competitive pricing through low labor cost, a quick construction process of building, manufacturing the material, and ability to automate the process by machines.

Plasmacor Corp.’s building construction material is protected by a United States patent.