Plasmacor – Product info – What is it?

What is Plasmacor?

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Plasmacor Material

Plasmacor © is an aggregate which is derived agriculturally and has unlimited availability due to its ability to be renewed. This plant based material is further developed with polyester (Which exists also as plant derived substance) and a raw ingredient like concrete powder (or another) and becomes a gravel like substance that is in average about 1-inch x ½ inch by ½-inches each, with 85% of its volume is trapped air this aggregate receives a high supporting isolation and makes it lightweight. The aggregate was developed and researched for the purpose to replace the common Gravels which are excavated and further damages the environment worldwide and therefore is also a limited resource.

Plasmacor © CO2 Reduction Comparison

Plasmacor Material - Smog Emission Reduction Comparison
Plasmacor Material - Smog Emission Reduction Comparison

The energy usage is more than 50% lower in creating this agriculturally derived aggregate compared to traditional used materials i.e. concrete, and it needs no water. As a composite building material, it is also extremely durable, resistant to mildew, humidity, virus, bacteria and many more advantages. This results also in using it as a highly efficient energy saving unit, that will reduce the maintenance cost of up to 40%, including resistance against hurricane, tornados, flooding and earthquakes and has a life expectancy (1000+ years) better then concrete without the maintenance costs.

By now you might be wondering what this plant ingredient could be, and why we are not mentioning it more often. Well, the reason we are not revealing right away that the main ingredient is popped corn, or popcorn, is because we want you to understand that the popcorn is used as a mold to create a shell which then becomes the material Plasmacor ©. And, also that the popcorn is not influencing strength or causing any other disadvantages. It used to be a controversial issue to use popcorn as a building material, until more recent times where other “exotic” materials are now used it would become more common, like Hempcrete, or even Mushroom blocks to replace concrete. However, we believe it is still an issue today, and people have not fully embraced the idea yet that there is something better than concrete.

Plamacor Corp. - Building Better, Faster, Stronger & Cheaper

That is why we developed and researched this agriculturally derived aggregate Plasmacor ©, which we believe has more advantages over the traditional building materials used today.