Advantages of Plasmacor Building Material

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The Advantages of PLASMACOR© building material:

High-Tech product meant for the builders who are innovators and ready for the future.

Made with 90% plant materials, renewable, which are grown on fields everywhere in the world.

By using our material the finished products i.e. structures, are manufactured to last forever.

The material will not “work/move” (Unlike Concrete) i.e. crack open and need repairs.

The finished product i.e. House, will be water resistant in case of flooding, to prevent damage.

The material has unfavorable conditions for any mold to form, effectively prevents mold, bacteria, viruses, superbugs and more.

It kills bugs, ants or rats and makes it impossible for them to break the material in any way.

The material is lighter than regular concrete, giving it advantages; i.e. transportation, assembly etc.

Structures build with it will be Hurricane and Wind resistant beyond 160 miles per hour, Category 5.

The structures need low maintenance, i.e. no repainting, easy cleaning with some pressure washing.

The material is super strong, due to its high density, making it ideal against natural catastrophes of any kinds, including earthquakes due to its deflection attributes.

Our structures have higher-than-average isolation against heat or cold, including to comparable insulation materials.

The material can be modified to be less dense than water, to make it float, giving it additional uses.

Structures built using our materials are very sound or noise isolation efficient.

It has the additional attribute to trap heat or cold for hours (outside & inside). Which further can be used for creating thermal energy, at a very efficiency level.

Low transportation costs for prefabricated wall panels, and very fast to assemble a structure.

Unlike concrete, our material needs no water to be used as material for construction.

It can be manufactured, produced and assembled on site with just the initial transportation of the materials needed, making this process significantly more time, and cost efficient.

The manufacturing process doesn’t need electricity; solar energy could be used instead.

Panels be used to heat-up water by cycling it through, and taking advantage of its attributes.

The entire manufacturing process can be either manual, or fully automated, making it easy to use.

Very high fire resistance, to the level where it could withstand a wildfire.

Freezing resistance where the material is not affected by it, and does not cause damage.

The material is completely reusable and recyclable.

During our testing we have not found anything negative about the PLASMACOR© material.