Plasmacor – Showcase of Material Samples

Plasmacor © material displaying a 90 degree angle sample of a prefabricated building wall unit.

This section will display in pictures the separate layers of a prefabricated Plasmacor © wall unit.

Plasmacor (c) texture samples demonstrating the ability of creating any appearance imaginable.

Plasmacor (c) material can be used as water heater, with water circulating in the wall true pipes for being heated by sun rays.

Plasmacor (c) material demonstrating the Insulation abilities in a simulation, which is how an R-Factor is calculated.

Plasmacor (c) Wall Panel Seam Technology, showing material sample tested with 500 lbs pressure.

Plasmacor (c) Insulation Material Technology, showing sample material with different outside textures.