Plasmacor – Product Applications

Application For Thin Insulation Panels
The Plasmacor Material has very high insulation capabilities on 2 CM thickness, is fire retardant and self extinguishable. Furthermore it has the ability to have any type of outside appearance, which is a composite technology and allows further varieties. This Material Technology has also the ability to withstand a high amount of impact. This technology is developed to be applied in panels suitable for covering building façades.The following specifications are attributes of the Plasmacor Thin Insulation Material Technology, considered at 2 CM thickness:

Thermal conductivity w/mk of Plasmacor Thin Insulation Material = 0.039 w/mk

Fire Retardant and Resists Fire, Thermally Stable, No Burning Rate (Less then 5 Seconds)

The Plasmacor Material shows No Decay of Insulating Performance, or any other, since 1978,

The Plasmacor Thin Insulation Material Technology shows a noise reduction of over 50 dB in current tests.

Plasmacor Thin Insulation Panels can be easy adapted to any width, length and any placement possibilities.

The Plasmacor Thin Insulation Panels are very Impact Resistant,Wind, Obstacles, and more.

The Plasmacor Thin Insulation Panels are an inexpensive solution, very efficient and with many advantages.

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Type of Resin that can be used in this type of application;

Advaco 4510 MVP Low Emission Class 1 Fire Retardant Resin