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West Antarctic Ice Sheet’s Collapse Triggers Sea Level Warning – NBC News.com

https://www.plasmacor.com/ – How West Antarctic Ice Sheet’s Collapse Triggers a Sea Level Warning. Now, you ignore this, or simply attribute it to something that happens due to nature, but thing is that such things are happening all over the world. There is no sacrifice involved to make a difference, just a different thinking method. Do […]


Climate Blues: How Environmentalists Chill Out in a Warming World – NBC News.com

How Environmentalists Chill out in a Warming World, with all the different environmental reactions and issues, which is something that will only continue since we do not know the real impact of these changes. And the further we ignore this the more we will have to deal with, and find solutions for. Our building material […]


Tornado-stricken town rebuilds with clean energy

https://www.plasmacor.com/ – Tornado-stricken town rebuilds with latest green technology, I remember the kansas disaster and the town was basically destroyed, they should be made aware of our building material Plasmacor, for the same price they would get tornado resistant buildings!   We need to reduce the usage of energy, which is needed in many things. […]