August 19, 2008

Introduction: What is Plasmacor about?

We are an organization operated by a group of people with the only goal to improve our environment, and reducing the damage caused by manufacturing industries by developing Renewable Resources that are Environmentally Conscious, Efficient and Recyclable. We create applications for such Renewable Resources and also license the Manufacturing Process of these Products using Plasmacor © Material Patent Pending.

Our Current major focus is in applying our Renewable Resources directly into the Building Industry for Commercial, Residential, and Governmental Structures.

For the Residential Sector our goal is to give the consumer the advantages of our product Plasmacor, at the same time satisfying the consumer with safety, and energy efficient values while purchasing a home.

For the Governmental Sector: Preserving the structures for a long time, while saving our tax dollars with our environmental conscious product made of Renewable Resources.

On the Commercial Sector: we provide the advantages of our Plasmacor © Material that is maintenance free year around, and stays everlasting.

To Review All The Advantages of our Plasmacor © Material.

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Below is a picture of some Plasmacor(C) material

Close-Up Picture of the Plasmacor Renewable Resource.

Dimensions are 1 \” x 1/2 \” x 1/2 \

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