August 26, 2008

House of the Future

Here is  something to think about:

Monsanto House of the Future

Monsanto House of the Future

51 Years ago (1957) Walt Disney Build the House of the Future, it was very synthetic looking and had an unusual design. When Disney decided to demolish it in 1967 the wrecking balls would just bounce off the building, and to tear it down they had to use hacksaws.

“Legend has it that the planned one-day demolition of the House of Future ended up taking two weeks as the wrecking ball just bounced off the exterior. Workers painstakingly cut the house into pieces with hacksaws.”

The building was made out of the same material that we are using in our construction of Plasmacor Wall Panels, Roof and Floor, composite materials which are Fiber-glass and Polyester, they have the same durability as the House of the Future, and even better.

The Plasmacor Material was invented over 30 Years ago, but just recently after 7 years of development available to the market.

Now Disney deceided to build a new House of the Future, which will made out of wood and steel according to this article quote:

“The new home will be made of wood and steel and finished in muted browns and beige’s, said Sheryl Palmer, president and chief executive of Taylor Morrison in North America. “


“The 1950s home didn’t look like anything, anywhere. It was space-age and kind of cold,” she said. “We didn’t want the (new) home to intimidate the visitors. We want the house to be real accessible to our guests.”

Now Disney intends to build the new house of the future out of wood, which I must say can’t be a good future then we want to stop using that resource, and also would I say that none will be available for construction in the future. 2nd We don’t have to make a house space-age and cold looking when we use composite materials (Plastics as it is called, which is in detail Polyester. There are lot of different kinds of Plastics), actually we can make a home that could look luxurious with marble or warm with wood on the outside, and then in the living room on the ceiling a Painting of The Sistine Chapel of Michelangelo or simply White Oak with Mahogany borders. I would not be using real wood or marble, but our technology to print any kinda pattern or image, and it would look real.

I believe in my opinion that the Architect of Disney made the wrong choice into using wood for the House of tomorrow, and the irony that after 50 Years we have finally the House of Tomorrow our with our building product Plasmacor.

And who knows, maybe in another 50 years thanks to our product there will be an abundance of trees again! so that you would actually build a house with wood! (being a little sarcastic, but seriously who knows?)

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